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Our Projects

Our Services

Web Development

service and website design according to needs of employer

Online Shopping

design and build specialized online shops

Web Applications

design, build and develop web applications


marketing and advertisement for new brands

Technical Support

providing experienced developers to support our products

Mobile Applications

mobile applications for various platforms

Our Team


Hooman Khoshdel

Back-End Developer

I'm Hooman Khoshdel, a second-year computer engineering student. I've been working as a Back-End Developer in the awesome Goozar team for a few months now, and during this time, I've gained a lot of valuable experiences.


Sepide Rezvani

Front-End Developer

I'm Sepideh Rezvani, 21 years old, studying Computer Science at the University of Tehran. I have a strong passion for coding and programming challenges. Coding helps clear my mind of any thoughts and allows me to focus solely on my code, which I find incredibly fascinating. Additionally, I'm currently working as a frontend developer.


Alireza Yousefpour

Front-End Developer

I'm Alireza Yousefpour Bachelor student of computer engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology As a frontend developer, I am honored to be a part of this team. I love tackling problems head-on, swiftly finding solutions and learning as I go


Artin Azad

Frontend Developer

Artin Azad, 20 years old, is a computer engineering student. He has been working in the field of front-end programming for about a year. Since 1402, I have been added to Gozar team and by being with the team, an opportunity was provided for me to grow and develop, and I am happy to be with this team.


Mohammadhossein Zinalzadeh

Front-End Developer

I'm Mohammadhossein Zinalzadeh, a computer engineering student. I work as a front-end developer and strive to be better than yesterday every day.


Farid Masjedi

Back-End Developer

I'm Farid Masjedi, 22 years old, currently a computer engineering student at Amirkabir University of Technology. I've been active in the field of software engineering for about 3 years.


Ali Safdari

Product Manager

I'm Ali Safdari, 24 years old. I obtained my bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Amirkabir University in 2018, and currently pursuing an MBA degree. Since winter 2022, I've been a member of the product management team, where we've accomplished a lot of exciting and impactful work.


Elahe Habibzadeh Shojai

Front-End Developer

I'm Elahe Habibzadeh Shojai, 21 years old, studying Computer Engineering at Amirkabir University. I've been part of the Goozar team for two and a half years, working as a front-end developer. The puzzle pieces of the office walls have also reached this point with my hands full of care.


Parham Mirvakili

Back-End Developer

I'm Parham Mirokhili, 22 years old. I'm studying Computer Engineering at Amirkabir University and working as a Back-end developer.


Ehsan Fakhraei


Hello, I'm Ehsan Fakhraei. I hold a degree in Computer Engineering from Amirkabir University. I've been programming for about 8 years now, and it's been 5 years since I founded Gozar. With my awesome team, we're striving to enhance the quality and scope of our services.


Vida Golzadeh

Back-End Developer

I'm Vida Golzadeh, 24 years old. I hold a bachelor's degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Science and Research. I've been working as a back-end developer using the Django framework for about three years. I'm passionate about learning and improving my skills, and I'm always looking for creative solutions to upcoming challenges.



The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Macroeconomics

Artin Azad

In the realm of economic theory and practice, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping traditional paradigms and offering novel insights into macroeconomic phenomena. As AI technologies continue to advanc

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About Us

Gozar is a team consisting of young and creative members which started its work in web and now develops various services. In addition to technical services ,Gozar providess branding and market edvelopement . Gozar cooperates with experts in different fields to satisfy the employers. Creativity is the most important axis of the team.


No. 36, Ghaffari Dead End, Jouibar St., Fatemi Square, Tehran




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