Noor Student Festival website

The development of this website collection began in February 2022 and was completed in April 2022.

Noor Student Festival website

Introducing modules

Custom CMS

A CMS and a news module with the ability to create different sliders and various news categories.

This module allows you to add various types of content such as videos, images, audios, or files with custom styles in the form of news or blogs on the website.

Submission module

This module allows users to submit their video works in various formats. This module can be customized with different fields and video formats. After creating a user profile and completing the required information, users can fill out the desired form and submit their work in various formats.

The submitted work will be converted to the desired format after receiving and will be saved in the database.

This module has the following capabilities:

  • The ability to generate thumbnails

  • The ability to receive various formats and convert them to the desired format

  • The ability to customize the submission form

  • Ajax submission form

  • The ability to define auxiliary operators

Comprehensive judging module

This module includes the following sections:

  • Public judgement

  • Specialized judgment

Features of the public judgement panel:

Public judgement is a process in which the top films of the festival are shown and users can watch the films, authenticate themselves, and vote for them.

  • Authentication with phone number

  • Displaying films randomly and in a randomized order

  • Custom player with the following features:

    • Preventing downloading submissions

    • Showing timeline

    • Displaying ads if required

  • Types of output that are suitable for the needs of the client

  • SMS panel with the ability to send corresponding text messages in the management section.

  • Various analytical outputs of the website statistics

Photos of the public judgement panel:

Features of the specialized judgement panel:

The process of specialized judging works in a way that users with the created judging access can complete specific forms for each section and movie and submit them after watching the assigned films.

  • Logging in to the panel using the mobile number

  • Custom player

  • Module for creating forms for each category

  • Creating judging packages with different filters

  • Assigning a package to each judge in the administration panel

  • Various outputs for the judging results

  • Real-time statistics in the administration panel

  • Correcting submission information in the administration panel

Photos of the specialized judgement panel:

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