Roshd Electronic Content Festival website

Roshd electronic content production festival is a great opportunity for the initiatives and creativity of teachers, students, etc. to create electronic learning resources and media. The festival's website provides the possibility for participants to register, submit their works, manage users and submissions by site admins, and receive ratings from judges. The development of this website began in September 2022 and was completed in December 2022.

Roshd Electronic Content Festival website

Introducing modules

Custom CMS

A news module with the ability to create news articles with custom categories

This module allows you to include various types of content, such as videos, images, or files, in news articles on your website with a custom style.
Adding, editing, and deleting news articles is possible in the admin panel

User registration and profiles

Registration is done with optional information and a verification code is sent. Users can edit their information if permitted. Depending on their type (teacher, student, etc.), users are required to provide specific documents or information

This module has the following capabilities:

  • Registration with verification code

  • The ability to edit user information

  • The ability to add a profile picture

  • The ability to add a required document upload field

  • Specific fields based on the type of user

Submission module

This module is used for receiving submissions along with the specifications of the work.
It has the ability to be customized with different fields and formats. After creating a user profile and completing their information, users can complete the submission form and submit their work.

This module has the following capabilities:

  • The ability to generate thumbnails

  • The ability to receive various formats and convert them to the desired format

  • The ability to customize the submission form

  • Ajax submission form

  • Ability to define group members for the work

Administration module

In this section, the management of all submitted works, news, and users of the website is done by the administrators. The statistics of the submitted works, categorized by province, type of work, etc., can also be viewed and reviewed.

This module has the following capabilities:

  • Viewing overall statistics of submitted works

  • Adding, editing, and deleting news

  • The ability to view submissions and filter them

  • View all submissions of a user

  • Edit or delete submissions

  • Adding submissions to users

  • Adding control forms and settings for submissions

  • Viewing users and editing their information

  • Sending the list of submissions information to a specified email address

Judgmenet module

In this section, submissions are evaluated by judges. Each judge has access to a package of submissions with a specific evaluation form. An admin has the ability to view the list of judges and their votes.

This module has the following capabilities:

  • Viewing judges and their evaluations by the admin

  • Defining judgement packages and forms

  • Defining conditions for questions within a form

  • Various fields for the judging form

  • Evaluating submissions using the specific form, as well as editing existing evaluations.

  • View overall statistics of the evaluation results

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